Creative Pecan

23 November 2020

Covid can be hard for all of us and has led the world to pivot in many ways. Paul has done just that and created an original youtube channel called Creative Pecan where he will be producing segments with fellow creatives. Be sure to check out the first video now!...

POS Print

05 November 2020

Finally Paul has made it to PRINT work. Check out this latest fun addition to his body of work where he represents a worker/manager for a First Choice POS


11 August 2020

Paul will be hosting an exlclusive Simulcast of the bilingual play TOKIJIRO! This will be streaming on the following: Times: 8/13/20 - 8PM EST (9AM JST) 8/15/20 - 7AM EST (8PM JST) Video Presentation Runtime: 1:31:21 Followed by Interview + Q&A with the Producers For the most...


12 October 2019

Paul has done it again and this time taking various supporting roles in a Japanese stage play Tokijiro to be performed in Kagoshima Japan!

Sin Eater (The Eater's Cut)

04 October 2017

We are happy to be releasing ““The Eater’s Cut”” of The Sin Eater. A short film which Paul has worked with the talented team led by Farrell LeCorps as the Sin Eater.” “With the director’s permission, this has been edited and scored to exemplify Paul’s Editing and Film Scoring skillset....

Century 21 - Small Talk Fail

04 August 2017

Small Talk Fail

Klein's Ice Cream

14 July 2017

Be sure to check out Paul’s latest performance in Kleins’ Ice Cream FB spot below!

Club Silencio

06 June 2017

We are happy to announce Paul Caamano’s Theatrical Debut as Bobby Marsten in the stage play Club Silencio. Play run is two nights only, June 20 & 25th so get your ticket’s for this dramatic masterpiece: CLICK HERE

Webseries Supporting Role: The Adventures of 2Guns

03 June 2017

We proudly announce Paul’s acceptance of the supporting role of Vargo in an upcoming webseries 2Guns. Social media content is to come as production rolls forward so be on the look out!